Shelnut makes it two in a row

If you were waiting for beating, banging, wrecking, and hot tempers flaring then you needed to stick around for the fifty lap Road Warrior race. This race was in memory of Dan Benoit and from before the first lap was in the books with Derrick Horton almost flipping in turn four, to 50 laps full of racing excitement till the end. Speedway owner Kevin Williams had to go out on the track and calm some drivers down before someone got hurt and let them know, that is not how we race here. Racing is one thing and you can count on great excitement but when it becomes unsafe for the other drivers that’s when Williams steps in. Speedway owner Kevin Williams prides himself in having a fun, family oriented track that is most of all, safe and fair for all those that race at Punta Gorda Speedway. After all the fenders were beat in and tires replaced and ten cautions filled this race for fifty laps, Chris Scott was leading all the laps, would this race see the checkers. Billy Benoit gave it his all trying to run the entire 50 laps in honor of his dad driving the 20 car which was in and out of the pits the entire race. Cody Benoit was doing whatever it took to get to the front and not making any friends along the way till he finally had to retire to the pits on lap thirty seven. Chris Scott won the featured race with Rick Reed second, Randy Kile third while Jason Miller and Richard Nelson survived for fourth and fifth.

The last race of the night was Perfect Pest Control Pro 4 that once again came to race and ran all twenty five laps caution free and it took just ten minutes. It was a great battle for the lead between brothers Dan and Ryan Collver till the 61 of Paul Richards Jr. came into the mix and broke up the fun. Richards got by Dan Collver on lap nine and then made the move on brother Ryan for the lead on lap eleven. Paul Richards Jr went on to win the feature with Ryan Collver second. Kris Bridges just ran out of time and with no cautions and starting in the rear battled through the field for a third place finish.

Next week you do not want to miss Trick or Treat the drivers night, kids dress up and go race car to race car for candy, treats and signed photos. Not only is it a fun night for the kids but also for everyone, as the TBARA Winged Sprints return to action at the Punta Gorda Speedway. Also racing will be, Open Wheel Modifieds, Late Model Sportsman, Pro 4 for 40 laps,

S.E. Champ Karts, Mini Cups, Legends, Cowboy Cadillacs and Road Warriors.



Super Late Models

1. 7 Daryl Shellnut Lake City

2. 84 Wayne Anderson Wildwood

3. 51 Richie Anderson N. Ft. Myers

4. 4 Randy Anderson Wildwood

5. 34 Bobby Shelton Del Ray Beach

6. 55 Scott Walters Naples

7. 28 Billy Bigley Jr. Naples

8. 5 Joe Boyd Riverview

9. 28b Dylan Bigley Naples

10. 13 Mike Knotek La Belle

11. 11 David Weaver Plantation

12. 14 Mario Maresca Ft. Lauderdale

13. 5x Steve Gill Sarasota

. Street Stock

1. 3 Jeff Dufresne Bradenton

2. 2 Bobby Fischer Naples

3. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte

4. 18 Shane Leonard N. Fort Myers

5. 88 Jimmy Meiser Lehigh

6. 7 Blaine Baer Port Charlotte

7. 57x Dave Bowman Bradenton

8. 47 Tom Pancoast N. Ft. Myers

9. 38 Jeff Gustafson


1. 7 Mike Verhaagh Fort Myers

2. 54 Tony Steinbuck Tamarac

3. 48 Carl Haag Port St. Lucy

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