Pancoast returns to take the win and continues winning streak

Pancoast returns to take the win and continues winning streak

The night started out with the Rookie Truck feature that saw Chad Chastain from Alva dominate the race from start to finish. Young Chastain is called “Melon Jr” because of the Melon One sponsor he sports on the thirty six truck that mirrors the truck his older brother Ross drives in the Camping World Truck Series. The real battle was going on for second place as James Dellea III of Port Charlotte stayed out in front of Corey Bigley to finish 2nd in the James Dellea Tire and Auto Repair sponsored Truck. Coery Bigley would bring the Whitney Poole Motorsports truck home in third.

T.Q. Midgets were up next for their twenty five lap feature that saw Chris Gimmler jump out to the lead while battling with Port Charlotte’s David Patterson who was running in second. Gimmler held on and led all the laps for the win while Rob Kohler was second and Jamie Barnum third and Patterson fourth.

Legends cars were lined up and ready to go with the 48 of Carl Haag on the pole and Seth Adams outside, while fast qualifier Chase Fitzgerald started in the rear. Adams of Mulberry jumped out to take the lead while Beca Monopoli of Lakeland was a close second. With no cautions in this 40 lap feature, it was Monopoli chasing Adams while Devon McCleod was closing in fast. Five laps to go, Monopoli saw a chance to squeeze on the inside of Adams between turns three and four and it was Monopoli that made the pass clean to take over the lead. When the checkers flew it was Becca Monopoli that was the winner, Seth Adams came in second and Devin McCleod was third while fast qualifier Chase Fitzgerald was fourth.

Fan Participation was next and it was big trucks and little trucks and as track announcer ‘Racin Jason” says “grocery getters” to compete for one lap around the oval. Two vehicles pull out onto the track side by side for one lap and the winner goes back around and and the looser goes home. Last two standing was the big truck of Richard Nelson and the Jetta of Jeff Pacheco, who had just got the car last week.

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