Pancoast returns to take the win and continues winning streak

Chico and Nelson take off for two laps around the oval for the win and it was Chico who claimed the trophy.

Street Stock cane out for fifty laps and it was Richard Nelson of Port Charlotte that sat on the pole while fast qualifier Ryan Pancoast started dead last. The green flag dropped and Nelson was out to a big lead and two laps in the first caution came out for the seven of Blaine Baer spinning the ninty seven of Chris Scott. Cars lined back up, Nelson way out in front and the caution out again on lap six as the seven of Baer had the hood up over the windshield and Pancoast had made it up to fourth. Nelson still in the lead while Pancoast was chasing him down and a caution on lap twenty five that Nelson didn’t want to see and they were lined up with Nelson on the inside and Pancoast on the outside. It was Pancoast then Nelson side by side then Nelson and Pancoast till Pancoast got the lead and edged out Nelson for the win. Pancoast missed the last race of the first half were he had won six in a row out of the eight races and missed the first race of this second season letting his dad Tom give it a try but was back to pick up were he left off, in the winners circle. Richard Nelson came in second with Dave Bowman third while points leader for the second half Jeff Dufresne and over all points leader Bobby Fischer both broke.

The last race of the night was the Pro Trucks that saw Michael Burns of Port Charlotte also fast qualifier, make it two wins in a row and ran start to finish as the leader. There was only one caution in the race for a spin in turn four as burns was racing through the field lapping trucks as the fight was going on behind him for position. The twenty five of Darin McCurdy of Port Charlotte was running a strong second till the lapped trucks started to play into the mix sending some to go high and others low to advance there position. With ten laps to go it was Travis Gossard of Naples that made his way into second and trying to run down Burns while sister Kelli Burns had made the pass on McCurdy to take over third. With no cautions to tighten up the field it was a chase to the end and it was Michael Burns that finished first, Travis Gossard second and Kelli Burns third while Darin McCurdy fourth and Whitney Poole fifth.

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Street Stock

1. 47 Ryan Pancoast N. Ft. Myers Fast Time

2. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte

3. 57 Dave Bowman Bradenton

4. 1 Matt Dunn North Port

5. 33 Jim Middendorf Naples

6. 97 Chris Scott Nokomis

7. 2 Bobby Fischer Naples

8. 3 Jeff Dufresne Bradenton

9. 7 Blaine Baer Port Charlotte

Pro Trucks

1. 14B Michael Burns Port Charlotte Fast Time

2. 47 Travis Gossard Naples

3. 4 Kelli Burns Port Charlotte

4. 25 Darin McCurdy Port Charlotte

5. 00 Whitney Poole Vero Beach

6. 32 Dylan Bigley Naples

7. 14 Sam Scott Naples

8. 36 Chad Chastain Alva

9. 54 Brian Lynch Sebastain

10. 36m Ralph Chastain Alva

11. 45 Eric Elsea Cape Coral

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