Shelnut Knows how to get it done with four wins in a row

The last feature of the night was the Pro 4 class that did not see Kris Bridges make the bell as he broke the transmission in the heat races. It was the first lap and everyone fighting to cross the line first, coming out of turn four, cars touched, some spun and Skyler Null got the worst of it as his car went head first into the wall.

Sklyer was ok but not the car, as he has been getting that car faster every week. Cars were lined back up and Paul Richards Jr was in the lead by lap five and the last caution was lap nine. It was Richards in first and Ryan Collver chasing him in second the remained of the race, while were did she come from, the back, Jessica Ostroviskis picking the cars off one by one. Jessica’s car was minus a few body parts as she was caught up in the first lap wreck but made the pass on the last lap to take over that third place finish.

Next week Dec 22nd the speedway will be closed for the holiday, so drivers, crews, fans and staff can spend time with their families.


Have a Merry Christmas from our team at PGS



COWBOY CADILLACS 30 LAPS =15 right 15 left,

ROAD WARRIORS 30 LAPS =15 right 15 left,

PRO 4 30 LAPS =15 right 15 left,

ROAD WARRIOR 40 LAP switch off race 20 laps Men,20 Laps lady’s

either one can start first,

PRO 4 15 LAPS Flag Pole race

ALL 30 lappers pay 300 to win

Lady’s and Men’s switch off pays 400 to win,

Flag Pole Race Pays 200 to win

Let’s all end this controversial year by having

a Fun Family night of racing

at the South’s Toughest Track to tame PGS

regular racing times for this night, and check our web site for all up to date information.



Super Late Model #9

1. 7 Daryl Shellnut Lake City

2. 84 Wayne Anderson Wildwood

3. 51 Richie Anderson N. Fort Myers

4. 55 Scott Walters Naples

5. 5x Steve Gill Sarasota

6. 34 Bobby Shelton Delray Beach

7. 5 Joe Boyd St. Pete

8. 13 Mike Knotek LaBelle

9. 4 Randy Anderson Wildwood

10. 47 Chris Fontaine Lakeland

11. 28 Billy Bigley Naples

12. 28b Dylan Bigley Naples

13. 177 Branen Hester Lakeland

14. 77 B.J. McLeod Wachula Fast Time

15. 77h Ray Hester Lakeland

16. 12 David Green Fort Pierce

17. 112 Steve Weaver Plantation

18. 22 David King Alturus

19. 88 Joe Winchell Dade City

20. 36 Gary Padula Pompono Beach

21. 14 Mario Maresca Fort Lauderdale

22. 14g John Garrett Port Charlotte

23. 28d T. J. Duke Southwest Ranches

Road Warrior

1. 97 Chris Scott Nokomis

2. 5 Jeremy Daring Lehigh

3. 33 Chris Loney Naples

4. 10 Jason Miller Lehigh Acres

5. 1 Rick Reed Punta Gorda

6. 18 Logan leonard Cape Coral

7. 22 Ann Marie Ricardi Naples

8. 31 Brandon Kolz

9. 8 Jeff Deeble Port Charlotte

10. 44 Rick Hess Englewood

11.80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte

12. 13 Justin Teston Lehigh

13. 29 Phil Ellis Englewood

14. 17 James Stokes Lehigh

Street Stocks

1. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte

2. 88 Jimmy Meiser Cape Coral

3. 57x David Bowman Bradenton

4. 57B Jim Brenner

5. 2 Bobby Fischer Naples

6. 33 Jim Middendorf Naples

Cowboy Cadillac’s

1. 8 Jeff Deeble Port Charlotte

2. 92 Mike Bialecki Arcadia

3. 26 Mike True

4. 22 Ric Mills Arcadia

5. 63 James Wright Naples

6. 32 Shawn Shinault

7. 88 Trey Almand Port Charlotte


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