Josh Williams wins big Pro Truck Race

Pro Trucks were up for seventy five lap feature race were Michael Burns of Port Charlotte set fast time but would start second row inside. Sixteen Trucks took the green and Darrin McCurdy led the first two laps till Burns got by him on lap three. It was Burns in first and Steve Darvalics had made his way into second by lap eight with Brent Huber in third and Whitney Poole fourth. It takes patience and a little luck sometimes in racing and knowing when to make your move and go for the win. While Burns was cursing around in first, the trucks were battling behind him for position and some not so patient and some were waitng to make the right move. Travis Gossard had made his way up to second but got called for a caution on lap sixty two sending him to the rear while Josh Williams had made his way up to third. On the restart it was Burns on the pole and Williams outside, Williams knew what he had to do and got by Burns on the start and went on to win the featured event. Williams was smoking the tires after the win and then the whole JWM crew came on the front stretch to celebrate. Michael Burns from port Charlotte hung on for second Whitney Poole third after a last lap caution involving Kelli Burns and Brent Huber.

The mens and woman’s switch off race was up and the men started the race with running twenty laps.

The nine car driven by J.R. Fitch was fast and out to the lead on lap one, while Chris Scott tried to chase him down. There were husbands and wives, Father and daughter, girlfriends and boyfriends and just friends that entered this race. When the twenty laps was done it was Fitch that was in first place, Chris Scott was second and Chris Loney was third. The men got out and the ladies got in and after making sure the ladies were all belted in, it was their turn to go at it for twenty laps. Whitney Poole got to start the race on the pole while Mandy Berend was outside, Dawn Jericka had to start one lap down and in the rear. For some of the woman it was their first time in a race car like Michelle Ellis and Faith Durkee, while some drove a race or two before and then Poole and Monopoli, that race on a regular basis. With five to go, Faith Durkee got loose coming out of turn four and the car started left and then right and then a hard hit into the front stretch wall. Durkee smashed up her finger and a bit shaken and the car was totaled.

The race restarted and it was Whitney Poole/ J.R. Fitch first, Becca Monopli/Chris Loney second, Janine Perkins/Justin Testin third, Dawn Jericka/Don Jericka fourth.

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