Winners Circle sees some new faces

Winners Circle sees some new faces

The Punta Gorda Speedway put on a great night of racing action for the great fans that continue to support the track.

Even a visit from NBC 2, to find out what the future is for the speedway and the see the many supporters it has.

T.Q Midgets took to the track first and ran for twenty five laps with young Chris Gimmler holding off the cars from start to finish. Mike Belusar tried to get by Gimmler several times even putting the cross over move on him once but washed up the track and Gimmler took back the lead when they crossed the lined.

When the checkers flew it was Chris Gimmler first, Mike Belusar second and Jimmy Wilkens III was third.

Pro 4 car came out and and Skyler Null had the first couple laps scored as the leader and was fast right from the start. Lap five, Paul Richards Jr battled Null to take over first but Null hung on and was digging hard to stay right with Richards till something broke on the 87 machine and Null had to retire to the pits. With the field lined back up, not sure who was caught sleeping but Jessica Ostrovskis was wide awake and jumped to the inside and passed the field and took over the lead and went on to win her first race. Paul Richards Jr settled for second place while Ryan Collver was third.

The nights program was running way ahead of schedule until the Street Stock came out for twenty five laps and all the drivers were fighting hard for position on every lap. Lots of cautions and pit stops and flat tires and spins lap after lap that had the fans excited. Dan Scott of Naples was the leader through all this while being chase by Jimmy Meiser of Lehigh lap after lap. Every restart, Scott and Mieser pushed and rubbed and it was Scott that got the lead unitl the five to go.

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