Winners Circle sees some new faces

Tempers were flared during the entire race with drivers rubbing and spinning each other out and not sure hope many flat tires Ander Jackson had to pit for. Five laps to go and Miser pushed back and took the lead and Scott was chasing him but when the checkers came out it was Meiser that made his first trip to the winners circle. Dan Scott had to settle for second and Richard Nelson battled his way up to third.

After a brief intermission, and speedway owner giving away a bike to some lucky child,

it was introductions on the front stretch for the Late Model Sportsman. With Gary McFall sitting on the pole, speedway owner Kevin Williams offered him and any driver that wanted to start in the rear and win the race they would get a three hundred dollar bonus. Gary McFall, Aaron Williamson and young Michael Atwell took the challenge which change the front two starting spots. James Dubose sat on the pole now with Greg Gorniak outside and the race was on. This race also had fans on the edge of their seat as there were three cautions just on the first lap with everyone trying to win on the first lap. Good hard racing, three wide, rubbing and bumping but James Dubose would only lead the first lap and it was Danny Brown that took the lead once the race got started. The cars ran only five more laps when coming out of turn four they were three wide, cars touched and everyone went spinning.

The worst of the cars was the 68 machine of Gary McFall that spun and plowed into the front stretch wall, he hit so hard that a bar was jammed into the wall that hard to be removed before they could restart the race.

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