Father and son race team brings home a pair of wins at Punta Gorda Speedway

First win in Perfect Pest Control Pro 4 for James Dellea III

Open Wheel Modifieds had a low count but made up for it in racing action, after watching the heat race where the fans saw a lot of rubbin is racin going on they knew the feature was going to be exciting. Wayne Morris had troubles in the heat race and finished last after some contact, then did some adjusting to take his place on the pole to start the inverted field race. Bobby Mobley started outside Morris and picked up where they left off in the heat battling for the first spot. L.B. “Watch this” Skaggs out of N. Ft. Myers watched for four laps in third till he put the move on both drivers and took over the lead. Steve Arnold out of Cape Coral got caught twice for tagging the car in front of him and sent to the rear but was back up to second to challenge Skaggs for the lead. The finish would be Skaggs, Arnold, Mobley third and Zack Rudd fourth.

The new class that’s made up of the Super Stocks and some Sportsman that are now called Street Stock is really heating up as some new drivers came back and some old drivers converted their cars and what a race they put on for the fans. Port Charlotte driver James Dellea was still overwhelmed with pride from his son’s victory, sat on the pole for the feature while Bobby Fischer from Naples outside. Dellea jumped to the lead and returning driver Ryan Pancoast of N. Ft. Myers was back to bring some competition to the mix as he challenged Dellea for the lead running in second. Pancoast gave a few bumps to Dellea’s bumper then tried the outside while Andy Allen of Naples was in the mix working his was up to third. Side by side, bumper to bumper, then the caution came out on lap sixteen when Logan Leonard spun last years champion Jimmy Meiser and that tightened the field back up and put Pancoast outside of Dellea for the restart. Close tight racing while Pancoast gave it his all to get by Dellea trying for a win his first night back and white flag is out and it’s still Dellea on the board in first and Pancoast second, while Fischer and Allen are fighting for third. Turn three, this is it, going into four, Pancoast dives down inside, gives a little tap to Dellea and Dellea spins left, Pancoast crosses the line first. Pancoast would get called for spinning the leader and that would turn the win back over to Dellea who had another celebration in the winners circle. Bobby Fischer was second and Andy Allen third, while last race winner and points lead Randy Sober watched from the stands as he blew up his motor in hot laps.

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