Cowboy Cadillacs


1. Full size pickups only. No El Camino’s, Rancheros, S-10’s, or small rangers.

1.Truck must be stock. No modifications or alterations of any kind allowed. No skirts permitted. Doors and tailgates must be welded.
2. Interior parts can be removed with hand tools only. All openings in firewall must be sealed. Driver must be protected at all times.
Driver’s door bars must be extended to outer panel of doorto allow for safety space between driver and bars. Passenger door may be gutted for bar clearence only.
4. All exterior moldings, lights, and trim must be removed.
5. Hood may be guttrd with no holes. No air boxes allowed.
6. Front inner panels may be removed. Outer fenders may be trimmed for tire.
7. Must have full windshield, unbroken factory glass or lexan. No rear windows of any kind are allowed.
8. Stock factory brakes. Clutch pedal location optional. No hydraulic clutches unless it is stock from factory.
9. Seat must be mounted to roll cage in stock position.
10. All doors must be bolted or welded shut. Drivers door must be in place at all times.
11. Bumpers must be stock from factory, and can be reinforced from behind. Tow loops required at both front and rear.
12. Side rub rails acceped one per side. Maximum 1-inch square tubing mounted flush to body, painted same as car. No sharp ends. May be welded or bolted with 3/8 inch carriage bolts.
13. All vehicles with enclosed front ends and bumpers are required to have a hook or chain loop device, to allow hooking by a tractor or wrecker, capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle when lifted. This procedure must be capable of being carried out without raising the hood. If a wrecker comes to tow you and you do not have a cable or chain you will be disqualified for that night. No points, No money.

Roll Cage:
1. Full 4-post roll cage with at least three driver’s side door bars required. Two door bars are required on passenger side. Bracing can be placed from roll cage through back window to truck frame.
2. Front radiator loops are allowed. 13/4 inch O.D. loop from roll cage okay.

Chassis and Suspension:
1. “Ford” can bend right or left front axle for chamber.
2. “Chevy” can replace upper A-frame mounting bolts with longer bolts for chamber.
3. Any junk yard springs allowed. May be cut, no more than 2 inch difference in standing height. No racing coil springs allowed.
4. Rear leaf springs may be arched and/or de-arched but must have same number of leaves on both sides. Ajustable shackles acceptable.May cut out bed and leaf springs may go through bed to lower truck.
5. No racing shocks or springs. Shocks must be mounted in stock location. “Top” end of shock may be relocated to allow travel.

1. Four wheel working brakes mandatory. No rear disc brakes
2. Stock factory master cylinder only.
3. No brakes bias devices of any kind’

Drive Train:
1. Rear end may be locked or opened. No posi or limited slip.
2. Stock manufactured manual or automatic transmission must be in working condition. Automatics must use stock converter.
3. Engine must be in stock location for make and model. Mounts may be fabricated.
4. Stock manufactured clutch and flywheel assembly required. No aluminum components allowed.

Tires and Wheels:
1. Spoke or racing wheels allowed.
2. Wheels may be no wider than 8 inches and must be the same offset.

1. Only track approved fuel allowed. No additives of any kind will be allowed.
2. Fuel cell mandatory, and must be located in bed of truck with maximum 22 gallons. No electric fuel pumps allowed.
3. Fuel cells may be mounted through floor of the bed. The depth of half of the overall height and must be 10 inches off the ground with protection bars.

1. Stock GM, Ford, and Mopar V-8’s only. Engine must be same as Manufacturer. No high performance engines allowed.
2. Camshaft that came in engine is acceptable. (For that particular truck).
3. Intake manifold unmodified stock cast iron only. Block can be bored .40 over + 10.
4. 500 cfm 4412 Holley, 1 inch adapter plate. Carburetor claimer applies. $25.00 and new 4412 unopened box. Must have double return springs.
5. Distributor- stock single point or electronic only with OEM coil.
6. Deep oil pans acceptable.
7. Radiators – any type that will fit under hood with 1 gallon overflow pan.
8. Must pull 17 inch vacuum at idling at 800 RPM.
9. Static compression radio – what is stated in Chilton book for the motor you have.
10. After marked aluminum and/or steel pulley allowed.
11. Poly Locks – okay.

1. Cast iron exhaust manifolds only. No headers.
2. Mufflers are mandatory. Pipes must exit past drivers compartment.

1. Ballast may be added. Must be securely tied down and covered.
2. Window net and fire extinguisher are mandatory on all Cowboy Cadillac’s.
3. Safety fuel and battery shut off valve within driver’s reach is mandatory.


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