Pro 4 Rules

. P .G. S.

If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it!!! Be sure to check the general rules. All interpretations by the track is final. You are responsible to know the track’s position on all rules. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

1. Any 4 cylinder front wheel drive car with a maximum wheel base of 106 inch and a complete stock, frame and suspension.
A. A single, quick release 4 point harness (minimum 3 inch belts) dated 2006 or newer is required in all vehicles. All belts and installation must be approved by safety officials. Sternum straps are o.k. All required belts must be in use at any time the car is in motion on the track. Racing harness must be attached to roll cage. Racing gloves required. And a fire suit is MANDATORY.
B. Window nets are MANDATORY on the driver’s side of the car and must be securely mounted. Nets must latch at the top and be operational from inside and outside of the car. Drivers must be able to get out of either side of the car in case of emergency.
C. All cars must have a fire extinguisher (minimum of 2 lbs.) securely mounted within easy reach of the driver. The mounting must be in such a way that the driver can quickly remove it from its mount. Wrapping duck tape around the extinguisher or any other material that will prohibit that easy removal of the extinguisher is not acceptable.
D. All glass except WINDSHIELD must be removed, including tail light markers and mirrors.
E. To complete, cars must be cleaned out from any loose material. Broken glass, etc.
F. Driver floor plan must be complete no holes. Aluminum racing seats mandatory.
G. May have 5 degree camber right front. 3 degree camber on all others.

2. No locked or posi rear end or front ends.

3. OEM stock parts or OEM stock replacement parts only. No high performance parts. (Car and parts must remain stock unless it is spelled out in these rules that the stock part can be changed. Stock means the way it came from the factory.) If you are not sure ask before changing parts.

4. No rotary or turbo charged engines.

5. No bracing anywhere except inside the drivers compartment.

6. Dash may be taken out. Quick release steering ok and panels must remain stock for that make and model.

7. All insulation under the hood must removed.

8. Stock carburetor or fuel injection system for that make and model. No rotary engines. No turbos allowed.

9. Stock transmission for that make and model. (All gear must work no unplugging overdrive or gears.) Steel Stock Fly Wheel only (No Aluminum, or Chrome Molly.)

10. Battery may be relocated anywhere under the hood or may only be located directly behind the drivers seat. Must be securely fastened and covered.

11. Stock unaltered rear end for that make and model.

12. Air bags if equipped, must be disarmed, discharged or removed.

13. Drivers door must be welded or chained shut.

14. Gutted hoods or ok

15. All cars must have a clear windshield that the driver can be able to see through. And have a number on the passenger side top of windshield at least 4 inches.

16. All cars must have a radiator over flow can. Water is the only acceptable coolant.

1. Single cam minimum weight 2400 lbs. Maximum left side weight is 54%.

2. Double cam minimum weight 2500 lbs. Maximum left side weight is

3. 12 or 16 valves may run but must add 50 lbs. of lead to the right rear and left rear trunk floor for a total of 100 lbs. FOR DUAL OVER HEAD CAM ENGINES.
This rule will be monitored race by race by TECH.

4. Ride height must be stock or cannot be less than 4 inch on all four corners.

5.Spoiler 4 inch high non adjustable and may be the width of the car.

6. May use cold air intake tubes or air tubes but they can not go to a cooling box.

1. Race wheels o.k. all wheels must steel with maximum width of 6 inch inside bead to bead.

2. Goodyear Treaded tire from Punta Gorda Speedway

3. May use double plate wheels and use bigger lugs.

4. All 4 wheel must be same offset.

5. May run wheel spacers up to 1 inch thick, if spacers is on one wheel, it must be on all 4.

GAS Tank:
1. If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle, it may remain in place. If stock gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank (max. of 8 gallons.) Fuel Cell/boat tank must be covered, secured and located in the trunk.

1. MANATORY: 4 point roll cage mounting with two points mounting behind the driver and two in front.
OPTIONAL: Driver’s side minimum of two horizontal crash bars should be installed connecting the down bars of the roll cage to protect the driver from side impact, or minimum single loop behind driver. If using a 4-point cage with side bars, you need to use the I/J plate. May have front and rear bars in car.

2. Cage must be welded fully to frame of car not bolted.

1. All exhaust must exit out of the car at least 6 inches in front of the rear tire and you must run a muffler.
16 valve engines 2 inch I.D. from front to back.
12 valve or less 2 inch I.D. from front to back.

2. Exhaust must pass drivers compartment and exit the car.

3. Mufflers: Stock, glass pak, Flow master, cherry bomb.

1. OEM stock or OEM stock replacement NO RACE SPRINGS.

2. May cut stock springs both front springs must same height.

3.Both rear springs must same height.

1. Stock or track approved pipe bumpers with turn ends.

2. All cars must have a front and rear tow hook ups. We are not responsible for damage.

3. P.G.S. will not allow any rough driving on the track if you can not pass the car fair then don’t. Any driver that rough drives will be black flagged. Racing is racing and there will be some bumping, But we will not tolerate any driver pushing a car out of the way to go to the front. No pushing a car down the back or front straight away either.

The track reserves the right to add weight at its discretion for the fairness of competition.

All cars are subject to a minimum specification inspection at any time. It is the responsibility of the driver to prepare their car free of defects and in safe racing condition.

The track retains the right to modify or append any rules it deems necessary for the fairness of competition. It also retains the right to modify or append any rules it deems necessary to allow orphaned racers to be able to race at the track competitively but not to give them an unfair advantage.

A. its your responsibility to bring proof of your specs to prove any difference in tech. If you bring no proof, if there is a difference from what the track has, and what you claim, tech will always be the winner. You should always have proof of what is on your car at all time. In your records.

B. All vehicles with enclosed front ends and bumpers are required to have a hook or chain loop device, to allow hooking by a wrecker capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle when lifted. This procedure must be capable of being carried out without raising the hood . If a wrecker comes to you to tow your vehicle and you do not have a cable or chain, you will be disqualified for the night.

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