Sportsman Rules

Competing Models:

!. Cars only. Must be American made passenger cars or station wagons. Rear ear wheel drive only.

Minimum wheel base 104 inches,


1. Stock steel bodies, after market fiberglass or aluminum bodies or fabricated bodies

Subject to tech approval.

2. Bumpers shall not have sharp edges or open ends.

Bumpers front and rear mandatory.

3. Full Lexan windshield mandatory.

4. Stock or fabricated firewall and floor pan allowed.

5. Minimum ground clearance 4 inches, body, frame and side skirts.

6. Spoiler 6 inches not to exceed width of body.

Roll Cage:

1. Full roll cage mandatory minimum 4 point. Must be 13/4 inch .095 inch round steel tubing. Must have 4 horizontal bars driver’s side and 3 horizontal bars passenger side. Front and rear loop optional.


1. Minimum weight

a. Stock floor pan and firewall 3000 lbs. minimum  57% left max.

b. Fabricated floor pan and firewall 3100 lbs. minimum 56% left max.

c. No weight break for Crate Motors.

Chassis and Suspension:

1. Front

a. O.E.M. lower a frame in stock location.

b. Tubular upper A frames allowed, mounting optional.

c. Adjustable sway bar optional.

d. Stock idler arm and pitman arm.

e. Stock steering box in stock location, no rack and pinion.

f. Wedge bolts o.k.

h. Coil springs 5 inch diameter minimum, no coil overs.

i. May notch cross members for fuel pump clearance.

j. PRM spindle only, No tubular spindles.

2. Rear

a. May fabricate rear clip. Location, under slug okay.

b. Steel multi or mono-leaf springs. No composite or fiberglass.

c. Adjustable shackles, lowering blocks and sliders okay.

d. Wedge bolts okay, rear coils 5 inch diameter minimum.

e. 3 link rear suspension, truck arm etc. okay.


1. After market pedals and master cylinder okay.

2. Brake bias adjustment front to rear okay.

5. Disc brakes front and rear okay.

Drive Train:

1. Rear end: Stock or 9 inch floater, may be locked or use a spool.

2. 5 on 5 quick change no wide 5.

3. No ratchet carriers.

4. Engine mounts optional, number one plug even or ahead of left upper ball joint.

5. Stock clutch or 71/4 inch multi-disc okay.

6. Must have approved scatter shield type bell housing with inspection hole.

Wheel and Tires:

1. Steel racing wheels not to exceed 8 inches wide. Large studs and 1 inch lug nuts


2. Track approved tires only, must pass Durometer Test.


1. Track approved fuel only.

2. Fuel cell mandatory, 22 gallon maximum capacity.

3. No electric fuel pumps.


1. V 8 only.  GM350   F0rd 302 or 351  Chrysler  360

2. Maximum overbore and .060 plus .010 for clearance.

3. Maximum compression all engines 200 lbs. on track gauge.

4. Pistons optional.

5. Connecting rods – any steel stock length.

6. Crankshaft – stock stroke and weight, no knife edging.

7. Camshaft – any flat tappet, no roller tappet.

8. Rocker arms optional, no shaft mount.

9. Intake manifold – stock cast iron or aftermarket aluminum dual plane meeting tech approval.

10. Carburetor Holley 4412 500cfm 2 barrel must pass track gauges.

11. Carburetor adapter 1.625 inches including gaskets.

12. Distributor single point, dual point,  or electronic MSD 8365 HEI okay. 1 MSD box.

No 2 box setups.

13. Oil pan – any wet sump, no external oil pumps. Remote filter only.

14. Aluminum Pulleys, water pumps and radiators okay.

15. Heads – unmodified cast iron, no bowtie.

16. Maximum valve size – GM 1.94 inch intake !.50 Exhaust, Ford Windsor 1.94 inch       intake 1.6 exhaust – all other heads stock valve size for head used.

a. Stainless valves okay, no light weight.

b. Valve springs optional.

c. Any steel retainer.

d. Screw in studs and guide plates okay.

e. Stud girdles okay.

17. May run factory stock 602 crate with 650 CFM.


1. Headers optional.

2. Track approved muffler mandatory.

3. Must exit behind driver.

**Car and equipment must meet or exceed all safety standards.

Late Model Sportsman 2012 Changes
Stock Floor pan and firewall 3000 lbs min with 57% max, left side
Non Stock Floor pan 3100 lbs min with 56% max, left side
3 Link rear OK
No weight break for Crate motors
5 on 5 quick change ok
NO wide five
Welder spider gears or spool only, no gold tracs ect.
1 MSD Box ok with, no dual box set ups
Shock claim $ 125.00 per shock
for any other rule information please contact Bobby Kuykendall @ 941-627-0592
Complete Engine protest $2000.00

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