Street Stock Rules

P. G. S.

If these rules do not say you can do it then don’t do it! All interpretations by the Tech man are final. You are responsible to know the tech man’s position on all rules.

Any 1965 or newer American made car, minimum factory wheel base of 104 inch no trucks, wagons, convertibles or front wheel drive.

Car weighed with driver. 3200 pounds min.
55% left side max.

1. Stock appearing steel body or 20 gauge sheet metal or Aluminum or Fiberglass.
( GM on GM, Ford on Ford ETC.) must look stock for make and year. You may trim your fenders no more than 1 inch for tire clearance and only around the wheel opening.
2. You must retain the stock firewalls front and stock floor pan.
3. All holes in driver compartment must be completely sealed.
4. Door hinges may be removed to add safety bars. Do not remove support metal from firewall.
5. Hood roof and deck may be gutted. 4 pins in front and 2 in rear with a maximum
1 inch lift. Rear deck lid 2 pins in back with hinges in front.
6. Door locks must be removed and doors must welded shut.
7. All upholstery and or anything flammable must be removed.
8. Original wiring may be removed.
9. All glass and plastic must be removed such as headlights, taillights, grill, side molding, etc.
10. All metal support parts for above items must be retained.
11.Must have full lexan windshield with 4 inch white numbers and “SS” on top right corner of lexan.
12. Ballast may be added (see general rules.)
13. Rub rails may be used (see general rules.)
14. Bumpers will be made of 1112 round tubing (per example.)
15. No hood scoops.
16. There is not to be any sharp edges on your outer body all edges need to be Smooth. (sharp edges to get tires will get you D.Q.)

1. Must remain stock for year and make of car no cutting down chassis 112 inch frame car to smaller size frame. May run under slung rear, stock frame rails must remain.

1. 4 inches in height non adjustable and width of car.

Chassis and Suspension:
1. All suspension must remain in stock location. Must be stock for year, make and model.
A. Upper control arms OEM or may use tubular control street
2. May brace front bumper and radiator in front of A frames. May brace in rear behind rear end to back bumper.
3. Bars must pass through front and rear firewalls. (See roll cage rule.)
4. All cars must have 4 inch ride height with driver at frame minimum.
Stock Claim $125.00 per shock
1. You may run any spring you want left to right in width diameter.
2. Camaro’s, Firebirds, Novas, Mustang Etc.. Racing springs ok. Wedge bolts ok

No Chrysler, mono etc, stock mounting position can not be modified, front or rear stock is stock.
1. Must be same manufacturer as car.
2. Maximum cubic inch: a. GM 355ci b. Ford 351 ci c. Mopar 360 ci (plus maximum bore)
3. Stock location only.
4, Maximum .060 over – bore.
5. Four bolt main ok.
6. Stock rods, crank, etc. May change rod bolts.
7. Timing chains, double row ok.
8. No grinding, polishing, or milling of anything not mentioned. Milling is for clean up only.
9. Stock motor mounts. Solid motor mounts are acceptable. No raciing motor mounts.
10. Grinding on rods for balancing is allowed, grinding should only take place on top or bottom of rod only. No polishing Rod beams, Grinding of cranks, for balancing purposes only. No polishing of Throws on crankshaft. Tech’s discretion.

1. Vortec heads ok.
2. May use a World Product stock replacement heads (BUT NO HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS.)
3. GM, 350 small block stock 64cc minimum (open chamber only) stock are (World Product GM # 043610 only can be used.)
4. Ford cylinder head 64cc minimum.
5. Dodge cylinder head 64cc minimum
6. After market valve springs, stock diameter.
7. 3 angle valve ok 1.94 intake 1.5 exhaust.
8. Milling of heads for clean up ok. Must pass tech. No angle milling.
10. May use screw in studs & guide plate

1. Must be stock oem only. No bowties.
2. Stock or aluminum ELDEBROCK PERFORMER part number as follows only.
3. Chevy # 2101.
4. Ford 302 Eng # 2121, 351 W. Eng # 2181, 351 C Eng 2665.
5. No painting, polishing or grinding.
6. No – hi – rise or marine intakes / no performance RPM.

1. Hydraulic only.
2. GM maximum .450 with 1.5 roller rockers ok.
3. Ford maximum .480 with 1.6 roller rockers ok.
4. Mopar maximum .480 with 1.6 rockers.
5. No roller cams.

1. Stock OEM cast flat top or dish replacement pistons.
2. Replacement forged is allowable. 4 eyebrows std. wt. only.
3. Floating pins ok.
4. No short skirt racing pistons or light weights.

1. Must run Holley 4412.
2. Changing of jets and removal of choke butterflies and shaft optional.
3. No carburetor spacers allowed. Any adapter may be used for 4412. (maximum size 1.625 inch including gasket.)
1. Cast crank 48 lbs. Minimum. Steel crank 53 lbs. Minimum. No knife edge cranks. Oil pan and pump.
2. Stock oil pan. (racing pan optional.)
3. High volume oil pump ok.
1. OEM. Automatic transmission only with all gears in. 350 turbo only.
2. OEM operational converter (stock), no small converters.
3. OEM standard transmission 3 or 4 speed with all working gears (must add 50 lbs.)
4. Flywheel 13lbs. Minimum.
5. Pressure plate & clutch stock, no high performance parts.

Rear End:
1. Must be original GM in GM, Ford in Ford etc.
2. May be locked. No aluminum.
3. Locked rear end and mini spools permitted or welded. (no limitless slip or lockers.)
4. Steel drive shaft only, must be painted white and have car number on it. Must have front drive shaft loops.

Exhaust Manifold:
1. Any stock manifolds or down and under headers.
2. No 180 headers.
3. Exhaust must exit passed driver.

1. Aluminum pulley ok.
2. Aluminum water pump ok
3. Valve covers optional.
4. Fuel pump stock OEM or replacement.

Electrical MP:
1. Stock OEM distributor, HEI optional.
2. System and battery 12 volt Maximum

1. No fuel additives. No nitrous oxide, Approved racing fuel only.
2. Maximum of 22 gallon fuel cell mandatory. Cutting the trunk for the fuel cell is permitted. Fuel cell must be in 12 gauge can.

1. Maximum 8 inch wide steel only.
2. Any offset.
3. Minimum 7/16 studs with 1 inch lug nuts on all four (4) wheels.
4. Safety racing wheels ok.
5. Same size wheels only. 15 inch.

Tires and brakes:
1. 8 inch Goodyear treaded tires.
2. No recaps, bias LT or truck tires
3. All 4 brakes in working order at ALL TIMES.
4. Stock prop value only. No cut off valve..
5. Stock brakes
6. Passenger car master cylinder only.
7. Factory 10 Bolt Disc Brake rear ok
1. Any radiator.
2. Electric fans, optional.

Updated 4-8-2012

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