Street Stock Rules

1. OEM. Automatic transmission only with all gears in. 350 turbo only.

2. OEM operational converter (stock), no small converters.

3. OEM standard transmission 3 or 4 speed with all working gears (must add 50 lbs.)

4. Flywheel 13lbs. Minimum.

5. Pressure plate & clutch stock, no high performance parts.

Rear End:

1. Must be original GM in GM, Ford in Ford etc.

2. May be locked. No aluminum.

3. Locked rear end and mini spools permitted or welded. (no limitless slip or lockers.)

4. Steel drive shaft only, must be painted white and have car number on it. Must have front drive shaft loops.

Exhaust Manifold:

1. Any stock manifolds or down and under headers.

2. No 180 headers.

3. Exhaust must exit passed driver.


1. Aluminum pulley ok.

2. Aluminum water pump ok

3. Valve covers optional.

4. Fuel pump stock OEM or replacement.

Electrical MP:

1. Stock OEM distributor, HEI optional.

2. System and battery 12 volt Maximum


1. No fuel additives. No nitrous oxide, Approved racing fuel only.

2. Maximum of 22 gallon fuel cell mandatory. Cutting the trunk for the fuel cell is permitted. Fuel cell must be in 12 gauge can.


1. Maximum 8 inch wide steel only.

2. Any offset.

3. Minimum 7/16 studs with 1 inch lug nuts on all four (4) wheels.

4. Safety racing wheels ok.

5. Same size wheels only. 15 inch.

Tires and brakes:

1. 8 inch Goodyear treaded tires.

2. No recaps, bias LT or truck tires

3. All 4 brakes in working order at ALL TIMES.

4. Stock prop value only. No cut off valve..

5. Stock brakes

6. Passenger car master cylinder only.

7. Factory 10 Bolt Disc Brake rear ok


1. Any radiator.

2. Electric fans, optional.

Updated 4-8-2012

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