Pro Truck Rules



Minimum weight 2,800 lbs. Crate engines 2800 lbs. Built engines with Auto Tans,

2900 lbs with standard

Maximum left side is 57% of total weight.

Approved Crate Engines for the Racing Series:

* ZZ4GM-350/355HP-must pull 18 inches vacuum.

* Ford-351/385HP-must pull 14 inches vacuum.

* Dodge-360/385HP-must pull 11 inches vacuum.

* Officials reserve the right to change the weight rules in the spirit of equalizing competition.


* Race vehicles bodies will be fiberglass, aluminum or PVC (rubber) replicas of the standard cab.


(ARP Race Car bodies, Speedway racing bodies, Five Star Race Car Bodies and lighting light.)

1997 and newer

* Bodies must be an OFFICIAL APPROVED MANUFACTURER and fit the 108 wheelbase of vehicle. No carbon fiber is allowed. Front nose and rear tailgate can only be PVC/ AVC or FIBERGLASS. NOTE: Bed lids can be fiberglass, sheet medal, or aluminum.

* Appearance of body must be kept at professional level. Any body damage must be repaired as soon as possible. This will be at the discretion of the Officials.

* All trucks must be neatly painted, lettered and numbers must be at least 18 inches high on both doors and roof. Numbers must be clear to identify from the scorers booth. Additional truck numbers at least 4 inches tall. The windshield number must be in color that can be seen by officials in booth and located on the passenger side of the truck. Also 4 inch number will be on left rear corner of the bumper cover. No duplicate numbers are allowed. Truck numbers must be registered with the series.

* All rookies must run a 2inch wide florescent orange or yellow stripe on front and rear bumper.

* Body must be mounted in the center of the frame with wheels in center of wheel wells

with 2 inch tolerance.

* All body parts must be attached firmly to cage or frame and is subject to approval.

* Headlight and taillight decals recommended.

#09 Body:

* Minimum roof height must be 551/2 inches measured from a point 10 inches behind top of windshield. Maximum ½ inch from front of roof to front of cab. Minimum rear deck height must be 36 inches maximum 38 inch minimum side window opening must be at least 16 inches. Windshield angle (checked at center of windshield) must be no less than 35 degrees with truck in race -ready condition.

* Bodywork must maintain original manufacturer’s configuration, size and shape.

* Screen wire grill mesh must cover all grill openings and be fastened to the bodywork from the inside of the grill.

* Front and rear window openings must be covered with 0.125 inch thick clear or smoked Lexan. Lexan must cover entire opening and should follow the contours of the body. Lexan side window vents are optional. Height cannot exceed 9 inches in height 12 inches long.

* Front windshield opening should have a minimum of one 1×1 1/8 inch angle iron located behind windshield. This is to be used as a support brace for the windshield.

* Full rear deck lids or mandatory. The rear of the lid must be able to open for inspection purposes. Rear deck lid must completely cover the rear of the body. No openings in the rear or any other areas to release air is permitted. Nacuducks to coolers or allowed with prior approval of Technical Director. Positive fasteners must be used on the left and right side to secure opening position of the lid. Lexan Triangles maybe fastened to the down bars from the main hoop.

* Front air dams must maintain their original configuration. All body support brackets must be solid brackets and located inside the body structure.

* Rear spoiler is mandatory. Spoilers must be a solid 1/8 inch metal or ¼ inch lexan piece with 6 inch height 5 inch minimum and 60 inch wide. Spoilers must be one SOLID piece, No two piece, double or otherwise modified spoilers allowed. Rear spoilers must be at 60-75 degree angle. Must be firmly mounted. If the spoilers moves with little or no force it must secured. May have approved braces front side or back side of the spoiler.

* Rear decks must be flush front to rear on quarter panels.



* No hood scoops, holes or other modifications of hood are permitted with the following exceptions.

* A Small notch, not to exceed 1.5 inches, on the far passenger side of the hood, which will allow the exiting of the overheating tube.

* An opening of 2.5 inches 20 inches may be cut in the rear of the hood, Centered behind air filter which will allow intake, to be sealed to windshield or cowl.

* A 1- 1/2 x 1-½ x 20 Inch heat deflector may be installed on the firewall at this opening.

* Hoods must have positive fasteners installed, either a minimum of 4 (four ) hood pins or 2 (two) hood pins and 2 (two) rear hinges.

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