Pro Truck Rules

Track fuel station fuel. No additives.

#27 Electrical

No fixed or locked distributors. No exceptions. Only OEM or OEM-replacement HE distributor permitted. After market type distributor modules or coils may be used but must be mount in OEM distributor location. Multiple spark discharge boxes or systems are permitted, may use the external mounted MSD coil.

• Alternators permitted. Must be in engine compartment

• Only on standard 12-volt / 16 – volt battery permitted

• Battery must be mounted outside, behind driver’s compartment, inside the frame rails.

• Self-starter must be installed and operative. All race teams must start under their own power

• Under no circumstances can a race vehicle be pushed onto the racetrack.

• No electrical monitoring devices permitted during the race.

• No electronic timing devices permitted during the race.

• No traction control.

#28 Cooling System

Only block mounted, belt driven water pumps allowed. Water pump impellers may be altered. Fan typed optional. Electric fans permitted. Aluminum radiators are permitted. All race teams must have an overflow tank of at least 16 fluid ounces. Reasonable use of corrosion inhibitors and / or lubricants as additives to cooling system water are permitted. It is recommended that an overheating hose that exits to far right side of hood at base of windshield be installed. Radiator must be mounted in front of engine. No anti-freeze allowed. Use of anti-freeze will be an automatic $100.00 fine.

#29 Oiling system

Oiling system must be wet-sump oiling system. Oil pans may have left and right side kick outs. Oil pan baffles permitted and recommended. Crankshaft scrapers permitted. Only standard screw-on typed oil filters permitted. Sight plug must be installed above windage tray. 1” pipe coupling wielded on side. Remote filters permitted. Engine may adapt an exterior oil line from the right valve cover.

#30 Exhaust system

Any type tubular header permitted, must have single flange. Nothing larger than 3” id. Exhaust must exit behind driver. Muffler use shall be determined on a per event based on local ordinances and/ or track regulations. (PLEASE BE PREPARED). Tailpipe must be round and may be angle cut to body side. Only collector may be larger. Exhaust system sound must not exceed 100 decibels at 100 feet. No 180-degree headers allowed.

#31 Transmission

Only OEM GM Turbo 350, Chevy Turbo 350, Ford C4 or C6, and Chrysler 904 or 727 automatic transmission allowed. Must have three forward gears and one reverse. All gears must be working. GM Turbo 350 may run 2.75 low gear or 1.57 second gear. Manual shift kits permitted. Reverse shift pattern permitted. Stock type torque convertors must be used. No hollow torque convertors allowed. No direct drive couplers allowed. Torque convertor must be fully functional and a minimum diameter of 10 inches. No exterior valve mechanism to transfer pressure will be allowed. Transmission coolers permitted. All cooling lines must be made up of a minimum 250 psi operating pressure, Example: BLUE / BLACK AEROQUIP PUSH LOCK HOSE OK. Shifters must be manually operated WITHOUT assistance of any electronic or air activated drivers. No altering of internal parts to reduce the weight of the transmission.

Optional: 3 speed saginaw or 4 speed manual with all gears. 10” steel fly wheel, stock clutch or 71/4 multi disc.

#32 Drive Shaft

Drive shaft and universals must be of similar design standard production type and must be made of steel. One 360-degree loop of 1-inch X 1/16 -inch steel secured to cross member or chassis must be present to prevent drive shaft from dislodging from race vehicle. No accessories driven off drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white with vehicle number painted in red or black.

#33 Frame and Body

• General Motors metric frame only may be used – 1978-87 Chevrolet Malibu, • Frame ground clearance minimum is 6 inches and body ground clearance minimum of 4 inches measured behind front tire and in front of rear tire. Cross member is exempt and MUST NOT be raised or lowered on frame. Minimum front spoiler ground clearance is 4 inches measured at any point of the spoiler. Frames may not be narrowed. Front cross member must remain original: it may be notched, for oil pan clearance. At no time can cross members be notched over 50 percent of widths or thickness. The cross member may not be severed and moved.

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