Pro Truck Rules

* Hoods are mandatory and must maintain OEM stock appearance , Hood must fit to fenders. No bubbles or raised hood permitted. No race vehicle will be permitted to start a race without a proper hood. Hoods lost during a racing accident are excused and must be beyond repair before vehicle may reenter a race without a hood. Repair or replacement must be completed before next race.


*Vehicle interior must be complete and shield driver from ground, engine compartment and fuel cell area.

Drivers door bars must be covered with 1/16 gage steel in case of losing fiberglass door. If you do not have a door (fiberglass) and have an open bar door you will not be allowed to race. Rub rails may be made of 3/4” box tubing they must be tight to fiberglass body and be attached to the roll cage.

*Race vehicle must have steel foot box and driver compartment. Driver’s seat must be inside the frame rails. Floors must be steel and the rest of the compartment can be from steel or aluminum, but must be fully enclosed and extended from left to right side of vehicle. Race vehicle must have rear firewall of steel to separate driver from fuel tank. Firewall may be welded, riveted or bolted and all holes must be sealed. Interior sheet metal must not impede drivers exit through right side window. Each vehicle may have installed dash panel with water temperature and oil pressure gauges with an operational vision light. All other gauges are permitted, except for digital gauges.

*May install heat shields on valve covers, no longer than covers, no higher than 4 inches. Heat shield must be same height from end to end.

#12 Drive Train

Engine, transmission and body of vehicle may be of different manufacturer. (for example, Ford body may have doge drive train)

#13 Engine

*Engines to be limited to the following.

*ZZ4 motor must pull 18′ minimum vacuum. Anything else is wrong.

*Chevrolet – 305 CID maximum overbore .060+.010 wear must pull 15” vacuum

*Ford – 302 CID maximum overbore .060 + .010 wear must pull 14” vacuum

*Chrysler – 318 CID maximum overbore .060+.010 wear must pull 12” vacuum

*Engine blocks must be production OEM block original built for standard production models.

No aluminum or sleeved-down blocks permitted. All casting numbers must be unaltered and legible.

*Block decks may be strengthened and blocks may be deburred. Blocks must maintain OEM type bearings in the main and cam journals, Maximum deck clearance is .000

*Eligible Engines : Crate Motors

*GM ZZ4 350 ci 355 hp

*Ford 351W/347 hp

*Dodge 350/ 385 hp

Crate Engine option rule:

Crate engine will be allowed to be rebuilt by the approved engine builders below. Create engines will be allowed to bore the engine up to 030 over standard bore. No other modifications are allowed. Chevy must use cast pistons. The replacement pistons must be the same type as the stock piston from the factory.

If a problem with the motor developed, the approved engine builder will repair. The owner is responsible for all cost relating to repairs of their motor.

The Crate Motors will follow all other rules for the series.


#14 Crankshafts:

Only OEM steel or cast crankshafts permitted. No after-market steel, tightened, knife-edged or other racing crankshafts permitted. Crankshaft may not be de-burred. Crankshaft may not be polished, coated or altered in any manner. Crankshaft may not be smooth-balanced and counter weights may not be altered. The counter weights may be drilled or welded for balance only. OEM stroke must be maintained. Casting numbers must be visible via sight plug on oil pan. Sight plug must be 1” hole on right side of pan below # 6 cylinders. Minimum crank height is 12 inches.

Crankshafts minimum weight:

Chevy – 305 – 50 lbs

Chrysler – 318 – 50 lbs

Ford – 302 – 35 lbs

#15 RODS

Only OEM or OEM appearing after-market rods permitted. Rods may not be polished, lightened, narrowed or otherwise altered. Only “I” beam rods may be used. No aluminum, titanium or any other lightweight rod permitted. Rods may have pressed fit or floated pins.

Rod lengths are:

Chevy -305 – 5.70 inch

Ford – 302 – 5.090 inch

Chrysler – 318 – 6.12 inch

#16 Pistons

Flat top or dished top pistons permitted. No reverse dome or D cup allowed. Wrist pin must remain in OEM position. Cast or forged pistons may not be coated, painted or otherwise altered.

#17 Camshaft

Crane Cams

Chevy – 474/510/230-240 @50

Ford – 474/510/230-240 @50

Chrysler – 474/510/230-240 @50

#18 Lifters

Only OEM or OEM replacement lifters permitted. No oversize lifters, solid lifters or altered lifters permitted. Anti-pump lifters are allowed. Any other type of lifter strictly prohibited.

#19 Rocker Arms

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