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Burkins, Ashford, Tovet, and Yeomans all take home wins after off week!

(8-4-18) Barberville, FL – After a week break from racing action Volusia Speedway Park once again came to life this past Saturday night with racing action across four classes including the Daytona Sportswear Modifieds, Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks, Billy Ballew Motorsports Thunderstocks, and the Crystal Tractor and Equipment Gladiators. The modifieds were running a very unique format as they would race two heat races, one by pill draw and one by an invert. The top three in each heat would collect a cash bonus in each heat race making the racing action a little more exciting. The Thunderstocks also ran the 2nd annual “Bump & Run” knockout race which also paid a cash prize for the winner.

First up on the racing program went to the Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks as Alan Peacock and Donnie Ashford would lead the field to the green flag. Peacock’s Leaf Spring Mafia #17 would get the early jump on Ashfords CLX Engineering #66, but on lap five Ashford would find his way around Peacock and cruise to victory by nearly four seconds over Peacock. Joe Belkey was third followed by, Rick Elwood, and Billy Furr.


Unofficial Rundown from 8-4-18

Daytona Sportswear Open Wheel Modifieds (9 Cars)

Heat 1 (Pill Draw): Buzzie Reutimann, Larry Burkins, Garrett Stewart, David Mohen, Mike Phillips, Ronnie Chace, Ken Mihalik, Charlie Phillips, Louis Brashear

Heat 2 (Invert): Garrett Stewart, Buzzie Reutimann, Larry Burkins, Ronnie Chace, Ken Mihalik, David Moheng, Charlie Philips, Mike Phillips, Louis Brashear

Feature: Burkins, Stewart, Reutimann, Mihalik, Moheng, M. Phillips, C. Phillips, Brashear (DNF), Chace (DNF)


Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks (8 Cars)

Heat 1: Alan Peacock, Donnie Ashford, Billy Furr, Rick Elwood, Brandon Elwoos, Joe Belkey, Kameron McGauley, James McCague

Feature: Ashford, Peacock, Belkey, R. Elwood, Furr, McGauley, B. Elwood, McCague


Billy Ballew Motorsports Thunderstocks (17 Cars)

Heat 1: Kent Corbin, Hayden McCormick, Mikey Kopka, Donnie Birdwell, James Parrish, Boomie Canary, Sean Babcock

Heat 2: Brandon Elwood, Grady CHristian, Hank Baker, Robbie Hager, TOny Campbell, James Strehle

Heat 3: Bubba Christian, Mike Tovet, Ron Adams, Jonathan Thomas, Chuck McHone, RJ Glaser

Feature: Tovet, Elwood, B. Christian, G. Christian, Corbin, Adams, Hager, McHone, McCormick, Thomas, Canary, Campbell (DNF), Strehle (DNF), Birdwell (DNF), Baker (DNF), Kopka (DNF), Babcock (DNF)


Cryastal Tractor & Equipment (11 Cars)

Heat 1: Jeremy Lanier, Billy Barrington, Zack Martincic, Tiffany Shaw, Corey Phillips

Heat 2: Johnnie Yeomans, Michael Trotter, Todd Latour, Dustin Childers, Henry Lanier, Darrell Heath

Feature: Yeomans, J. Lanier, Barrington, Latour, Childers, Shaw, Martincic (DNF), Heath (DNF), Trotter (DNF), H. Lanier (DNF), Phillips (DNF)

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