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Van Sickle, Elwood, and Wright take first wins … Belkey and Trotter Repeat wins in 2018

(8-18-18) Barberville, FL –Last Saturday night Mother Nature claimed another feature event in the 2018 racing season. During the week the track crew pulled out all of the stops working on not only the racing surface, but also the draining system to help keep racing alive on Saturday nights for the remainder of the season. The hard work paid off as racing action resumed this past Saturday night with racing in five classes including special events for the Florida Late Models, Thunderstock Iron Man Series, and the Gladiator Challenge Series.

Unofficial Rundown from 8-18-18

All Pro Land Services Florida Late Models (23 Cars)

Heat 1: Jason Fitzgerald, Kyle Van Sickle, Justin Merry, John Bledsoe, George Spears, Mikey Kopka, Joe Kump

Heat 2: Mark Whitener, David Clegg, Rich Proatt, Brandon Catto, Mark Steube, Hamp COnley, Bug Rose

Heat 3: Howard Stalls, Shan Smith, David Cline, David Whitener, Michael Whipple, Brenden SMith, Dave Thomas

Feature: Van Sickle, Fitzgerald, M. Whitener, Stalls, Cleg, D. Whitener, Kump, Cline, Whipple, Steube, Pratt, Rose (DNF), B. Smith (DNF), S. Smith (DNF), Catto (DNF), Bledsoe (DNF), Bledsoe (DNF), Merry (DNF), Kopka (DNF), Spears (DNF), Conley (DNF), Thomas (DNS), Jack Williams (DNS),


Mercedes Benz Vans Born to Run Street Stocks (13 Cars)

Heat 1: Brandon Elwood, Donnie Birdwell, Gerard Haley Sr., Kyle Davis, Erick Armino, Dale Kump

Heat 2: Ron Adams, Roger Wren, Boomie Canary, RJ Glaser, Jonathan Thomas

Feature: Belkey, Lungren, Miller, Furr, Williams, B. Elwood, McGauley, Forsyth, Dillon, R. Elwood, Trentham, Johnson, Yakaboski


Allen Plumbing & Allen Tractor Service Iron Man Series (11 Cars)

Heat 1: Jeff Miller, Joe Belkey, Tuck Trentham, Billy Furr, Joe Forsyth, Kameron McGauley, Martin Johnson

Heat 2: Landon Lungren, Brandon Elwood, Grand Dillon, Zach Yakaboski, Dennis Williams

Feature: Elwood, Adams, Canary, Wren, Birdwell, Davis, Haley, Thomas, Glaser, Armino, Kump

Crystal Tractor & Equipment Gladiator Challenge Series (13 Cars)

Heat 1: Ty McDonald, Johnnie Yeomans, Keremy Lanier, Darell Heath, Casey Young, Billy Barrington

Heat 2: Michael Trotter, Rusty Young, Dustin Cilders, Henry Lanier, Matt Bonner, Stephen Kramer

Feature: Trotter, J. Lanier, R. Young, Rhoades, McDonald, Childers, H. Lanier, Barrington, Heath (DNF), J. Yeomans (DNF), D. Yeomans (DNS), Bonner (DNS), C. Young (DNS)


Volusia Speedway Park TQ Late Models (8 Cars)

Heat 1: Dalton Hopke, Kevin McKenzie, Chuck Chitty, Terry Wright, Jonathan Gillete, Kevin meyers, Wayne Conley

Feature: Wright, Chitty, Byers, Conley, Hopke, Gillete, McKenzie

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